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Washington, in the District of Columbia, is the center of international trade and global commerce policy in the United States. Business students in the District often choose to pursue international business majors with an eye on the opportunities that exist in government agencies and policy institutes, which require the services of cultural advisors and international trade specialists.

Many of Washington’s most important trade agencies and think tanks are housed in the Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center. This complex is home to the most influential international business organizations in the country, including the Office for Promotion of Trade, the Association of Small Business Development, the U.S. Trade Information Center, the Cato Institute and the Brookings Institute, among others. Having direct-access to the policy-makers in the nation’s capitol is also highly attractive to foreign investors interested in establishing or expanding operations in the United States.

All major embassies of America’s international trade partner nations are also located in D.C., giving business leaders better access to opportunities for negotiation with economic development authorities of specific countries.

International Business Jobs in Washington, D.C.

Not only is Washington, D.C. home to government agencies and non-governmental organizations involved in assisting international business ventures, there are also many large domestically based and foreign-owned multinationals here within the private sector. These corporations are among the District’s largest employers of international business management consultants, global marketing managers and market research analysts, among many other types of international business professionals.

Lobbyists for the global commerce interests of both domestic and foreign-controlled companies can only be found in Washington. Firms like Achillean International Group, located on Pennsylvania Avenue, provide registered agent, business consulting and private business political lobbying services.

Other firms, like BGR Group, specialize in communications strategies and advocacy for governments and businesses. They manage global mergers and acquisitions, analyze major foreign policy development and promote international business development and market penetration in countries like India, the Middle East and Russia.

APCO Worldwide, an independent communications consultancy was founded in D.C., but now is a multinational concern with over 600 employees in 29 locations around the world. APCO Worldwide is the second largest independently owned PR firm in the United States.

Among the multinational companies thriving in the D.C area is Biovail Corporation of Toronto, which was recently acquired by D.C.-based pharmaceutical company Prestwick Pharmaceuticals, Inc., for $100 million.

Among the foreign-owned multinationals with a strong presence in Washington are Ericsson communications of Sweden and BAE Aerospace of the United Kingdom.

Making International Business Contacts in Washington, D.C.

Washington, D.C. provides resources to both large multinationals and small regional business interested in exploring international trade opportunities: