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Already a global tourist capital with immense name recognition, Las Vegas, Reno and the state of Nevada as a whole are major players in the international business world. Beyond the glitzy lights of casinos and luxurious hotels is a land rich with mineral wealth and possessing a mining and processing infrastructure rivaling any in the developed world. In fact, according to the Nevada Governor’s Office of Economic Development, Nevada-based businesses led the nation in 2011 by demonstrating an ability to adapt to world trade demands in an uncertain economy. Nevada businesses were quick to recognize that economic expansion is dependent on foreign markets. This flexibility combined with a strong manufacturing sector and access to important natural resources has confirmed Nevada’s status as a leader in world trade and as a locale rich in opportunity for college students majoring in international business.

Nevada’s International Trade Partners

Nevada-based companies tallied a total of $5.9 billion in exports in 2010 alone. According to the International Trade Administration, the state’s largest trade partner is Switzerland, with Nevada-based companies exporting $2.4 billion in goods and services to the northern European nation in 2010. In second place was Canada, which was the the recipient of $938 million in Nevada-produced exports, followed by Mexico with $351 million.

According to the Business Roundtable, an association of corporate executives from America’s top corporations, China is Nevada’s fastest growing trade partner. Nevada posted exports of $456 million to China in 2010, an increase of over 1,800% since 2002. Leading exports include primary metals, computer and electronic equipment, as well as mining and transportation equipment.

As these exporters continue to tap new markets they will require the services of international business experts like international trade specialists who serve exporting companies interested in developing international trade relationships and expanding operations in foreign countries through research and logistical consultation.

International Business Jobss in Nevada

International trade is a major factor in Nevada’s employment, as some 350,000 jobs in the state depend on company’s with international reach. Nevada’s leading exporting companies include Allstate International Inc, a Las Vegas-based company that exports PVC compounds to countries in Asia, including Taiwan and Thailand. Peri and Sons Farms, headquartered in Yerington, ships onions to international markets including Panama, Nicaragua and Hong Kong. Another large exporting company is Robinson Mining Company of Ruth, Nevada. Robinson Mining employs 620 workers and exports copper products to China, Japan and Korea, among other countries.

Nevada is also home to many large multinational companies that maintain operations both domestically and abroad. In fact, according to the International Trade Administration, foreign-controlled companies employed 36,000 Nevada workers and corporate professionals as of the administration’s most recent report in 2009.

Some major multinational companies with operations in Nevada include APL, a transportation and shipping magnate based in Singapore with over 4,000 employees in 200 offices worldwide. Other international companies with a strong presence in Nevada include Deutsche Telekom of Germany, Sodexho food management of France and HSBC Financial Service of the United Kingdom.

Multinational companies with operations in the United States require the talents of native business experts including international business managers and management consultants who are knowledge of foreign economics and trade law. These professionals guide companies through the complex foreign marketplace by offering experienced-based consultation and establishing overseas contacts. Both foreign-controlled and Nevada-based companies involved in international business will continue to require the services of international accountants, custom brokers and import compliance specialists, among other international business professionals.

Making International Business Contacts in Nevada

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